Thursday, October 13, 2011

How Can You Stop Trolls Like Ron And Kirby?

My friends and I learned a lot from the mistake of ever letting these two and their friends get a foot in the door, because they became like tar paper, unwanted and hard to scrape off. We failed to take the following steps: Take them if you find yourself in our shoes.

If you are harassed or attacked on the Internet: Always remember that people like this are imposing themselves on you because their lives are lacking something, big time. They go after the ones who most have what they want. This is, really, NEVER about you at all.

1. Don't respond to them, except to say "stop harassing me."

2. If you have been friends with them and realize they are doing this to other people, or they start doing this to you, drop them. They will try to use you.

3. Don't try to defend yourself. They'll twist your words and who you are and what you do to try to use it against you. (I know that personally.)

4. Block them online any way you can. Report them to a website they are posting on. Get off a website for a couple of months if nothing else works - they'll need a fix and go find other victims.

5. Warn others privately. Cut the trolls off from what they want: attention.

6. Don't make a page like this! If they hadn't styled themselves as public people, going after public people, I wouldn't have done it. I felt I had no other option at the time. Now that it's here, I hope it helps others in the same situation.

For people who create web pages, fan clubs on social sites, or have discussion groups or message boards:

MONITOR YOUR PAGES!!! Be responsible to the people who come there because you offered an open door. Don't leave people who like you open to attack from people who hate you!!!

Thanks for the private messages of support. Please contact me through my website. I am removing any supportive messages here because I don't want anyone else attacked. But I'll leave theirs up, so you can see what kind of people they are.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

The Sum Of Abuse

This blog is about being harassed, and not just taking it lying down. If you've been attacked in this way, you're not alone. Remember that when people attack you it is NEVER about you -  It's always about them.

If you are a cyberattacker and are out to hurt someone on the Internet, I don't care how protected you think you are - Karma will catch up with you.

Two people who harmed me earlier in my life, though I could not get justice for my particular situations, ended up in prison because they thought they were immune to the law. Ron Tebo  and Kirby Robinson, the subjects of this blog, both like to spout that they have first amendment rights to do what they do, no matter what they write. Well the people they attack have the right to speak out as well. I'm doing it. Join me.

For those of you dealing with Internet abuse as individuals, this website, WHO@ , is a great resource, begun by people who were harrassed. I got a quick respone to my inquiries, but also a quick scolding: the best way to handles trolls is to NEVER respond to them except to write "Stop. You're harassing me." On facebook individuals can block unwanted posters. If this had been an individual case of attack, it would have been easy to put a cap on the abuse.

The problem we had was that we were on a public page that was not being monitored. Anyone who creates a public page is responsible for keeping track of that page. A & E had abandoned the page. Concerned fans tried to stop something that A & E didn't even care was going on.

If you're a pagemaker, especially a celebrity who has a fan page, remember this: Be responsible to your fans and keep your page monitored. When trolls attack IT'S NOT JUST ABOUT YOU. Fans get caught in the crossfire. Think about the people who appreciate you and keep your page cleaned up.

I kept waiting for a suggested new official fan page for Psychic Kids and finally gave up when the attacks became more widespread and awful. I've created a new fan page, Psychic Kids: Afterword. We've left the old page behind. The trolls think this is a victory, but - how can it be a victory when no one is cheering you, and more people dislike you than ever? We don't want anything to do with the "victorious!"

In fact, few outside of the paranormal community would take this seriously. In October, I sent e-mails to advocate organizations, legal and law enforcement organizations, and to the media. It dosn't matter who has done what - mention the words psychic and paranormal, and I'm afraid the mainstream society still dismisses all of us as "nuts." I received little interest and less advice back. I would think, in reality, Kirby and Ron get much of the same response. They just aren't willing to admit it. They don't have the attention that they claim.

Ron, posting as "OJ" on one of these entries, noted there were no other comments on the pages. That's because the messages are coming to my e-mail, and that's where I suggest you get in contact with me. I've protected the others involved on this blog as much as possible, but these guys like to go for the jugular. You can reach me through my website, on the sidebar. I want to hear what you have to say.

This blog is going to be linked through a series of public articles on cyberattacks, bullying, and other related topics over the next few months.  I'll come back and post the links when they are finished. The link is being sent out to a number of people. Please feel free to share it. If you have something that you feel should be added right here, let me know.

Kirby posted this:

Kirby seems to have  nothing else in his life but this hatred, even when he pretends he has other things to do. So be it. I do know what I'm talking about. And I've had enough of talking about it. It's a beautiful day outside.

This "scary odd woman" has other things to do. I will add new information when necessary. I would love to add the news one or both of these men have been arrested for something, anything.  I do want to hear if you've been put through something similar. I hope, someday soon, that there are real solutions for this kind of harassment.

The harassment has stepped up since I created this blog. It's sort of stunning to see such childishness in people who want to bring people down to "their level" in order to feel better about themselves. But they are never going to feel better about themselves. They will just finally hit a brick wall they have built out of their own hate.

Thank you for reading. I hope it helps.

PS October 13: I have to ask this question: Kirby Robinson, if you don't believe what you've done is harassment, why did you just vote that Internet Harassment should not be a federal crime? Just asking...are you afraid that someday with all you've written, you just might go to jail?

Why Didn't We Just Walk Away From The Trolls?

If this had been any other kind of fan page, when the trolling started, we would have left. I certainly would have: in most circumstances I live by the rule "don't feed the trolls."  But there were other people coming to the page we were concerned about: The new readers who would raise the membership on that page to over 20,000 fans, and the reason that most of us came there:

The kids. Not just the kids on the show, but the kids who would wander there looking for help. The kids that we didn't want to see things like this: How'd you like your child to see this?

We were faced with this spammed image again and again, posted by a couple of drones, in a frenzied idea that, like anti-abortion protestors showing pictures of bloody fetuses, this would drive people away. Well, yes, it did. A lot of people. But not the few fans who were very concerned about what Ron and Kirby's sockpuppets and drones were posting there where the children might see. That's why we stayed and fought.

I did my best to make sure the page was never just filled with these images, and some of the examples that will follow below. The posts I placed on the board were links to the show, to related websites, and to the articles and videos I had made to help answer frequently asked questions over the three years the series was on the air.

This is an example of what I did. People who had been on the show and other friends of the show posted similar materials, but I posted the most, because I'm unemployed, and had the time:

I tried hard to stick to just posting what was useful, but trolls are good at digging at people until they answer. This is an example of trying to post reason against these guys:

On occasion I did lose my temper, or try something to draw out the anonymous posters to find out who they were, which sometimes worked and sometimes didn't. I even tried being cruel back on a few occasions - which only backfires. But when people are constantly throwing ugly words and pictures at you, you want very badly to use the same ammunition. In face to face life that often works - when someone is scaring you, scare them back! I once scared two muggers off of me just by using my deepest most theatrical voice and spouting obscene words and come-ons to them. It saved me from getting hurt. But the Internet has a distance and an invisibility that makes some people think they can get away with anything.

The policies of social websites like facebook are not helping. There's not enough monitoring going on.

Anyone who puts up a public page needs to be aware they have to keep monitoring their own pages. A & E is not willing to do that. So when the awful stuff started being printed, a few fans stepped in. I stepped in the most, because I was already used to it. I thought.

Whoever knew posting Christian messages over and over and over again would be experienced as harassment? Sweet little sayings and prayers and messages that I won't post here because I have more respect for Christianity than the people who used it in that way. We were hit by dozens of these posts. In between all the sweet caring  Christian posts, were more dozens of repeated items like these:

Well, that stated their intention plainly! Then there were these: this was like a mantra:

I tried finding out who some of the anonymous drones were and hit one nail on the head - which is not a good idea. The guy went ballistic instead of away. One very stupid woman who posted under her own name turned out to be a "professional" exorcist who bragged in one post that she had witnessed a child being put through two years of exorcisms. If this is true, this person accusing us of child abuse was accessory to religious child abuse. These two, along with Kirby, were the ones who posted the sweet Christian sayings and prayers and concerned warnings over and over again. I finally had it, and posted my own prayer after Kirby poured out one of his own. Now he claims mine was a magic spell: but it's the kind of prayer, in my personal belief, that I can say. Note: I call anyone who tries to demonize people or are obsessed with demons "demon makers," and I had had it up to my neck with some of us being called things like Satan and demon!

They had been burrowing their intentions into us. I won't bore you with the hundreds of examples I have on screenprint. All sorts of bizarre claims, name calling, "I am a good and mighty defender and you are evil!" types long rants. It was tiring, aggravating, and we didn't want any children or parents of psychic kids faced with the junk that was being scattered on the page.

But it just wouldn't stop.  My personal attack favorite - saw it lots of times: Irritating but funny - these people live in very old times:

In mid September, Michelle (quoted below), someone who had been on the show and is close friends with people on the show finally found someone who could get A & E to lock the page against new threads and hide the posts page fans had made. None of them are gone, they're just hidden away. If anyone can ever take legal actions against the harassment, it's all there, blocked from view.

But Kirby and some of the others just wanted to take the credit. Kirby overreached into It Never Happened Land:

Yes, a crack legal team - or Kirby on crack. You decide.

There is so much more we went through. A lot of it much worse than I've shown you. I just don't want to look at it any more. All screen prints are stored in case the Internet ever smiles on us and we can take these people to court.

Oh, just a note for the "latest" of the anonymous drones, Temperance English, hanging in there, determined to have a victory and shaking your enormous pom-poms. You're alone in the stands. There's no team on the field. No one cares. There's just a cleaning team looking up at a crazy person screaming in an empty stadium. And they all look up and go, "oh! That's Aanica, isn't it?" then go back to work...Nothing new under a very small sun...

Friday, October 7, 2011

"I'll get you my pretty!" from Tebo The Wicked Witch

Thanks for the warning, Ron. And for coming out and just being you.

There were requests for help from several children right after this post. I didn't do anything differently - I send them some place to read info already prepared for them on being okay with who they are, and being careful. I can't do anything more than that. It wouldn't be responsible. The one time I advised a child over the phone it was only by arrangement with her mother and her mother had to be there. If I ever teach children about psychic ability - and I haven't yet - a parent must be with the child. Nothing else.

Anyway - I didn't give out the "candy" Ron wanted me to offer, and that was the end of that trap.

He loves to dismiss people as being beneath him:

"Less significant" - he loves to toss that idea around. Along with the different synomyms of stupid - especially at women.

Notice the IMO again. When we get to the sock puppets you'll see it again and again.

"Your statement is infantile" - anyone not know that's another way of saying I'm stupid? Like disgusting is another form of ugly?  I have a lot of similar screen shots of this kind of language.

Answer to Ron: I've had my own attention, I don't need yours. I've been around famous people off and on many times in my life. And by that I mean people who aren't just famous in their own minds. My longtime companion was one of Luciano Pavarotti's accompanists, and with him I met some of the most famous opera singers in the world.  I was once run over by Rudolph Nureyev. I've performed with the Chieftains. I've met and sometimes played with many of my musical heroes. I performed with The Atlanta Shakespeare Company for ten years, including performances in Shakespeare's Globe Theatre in London. I've been a singer, an actor, a festival performer. I've met presidents and astronauts. First Lady Rosalyn Carter once played a joke on me. I've dined at the elbow of Martin Luther King Sr. I've met many people, been many things, and had a full life. In spite of opinions like, how did you put it at the top of this page?

Another insult made in as many ways as you could figure out how to say. You know what I learned being around famous people? That the constant attention is tiring, especially when there are nuts like you out there trying to hook your wagon to some kind of star, so you can get more attention. I haven't become famous because I don't mind watching from the shadows. I'm not a hustler so I've never made much money. And I've never been pretty enough to be taken advantage of. I love doing what I've done, and yes, I've appreciated the praise and applause along the way, but I like going home better, and doing what I do. Just that.
What have you really done with your life?

Ron Tebo: I didn't say that!

Has Ron ever called any of the Psychic Kids fans child predators? Did he call me one?

He tried to hedge the truth in the statements he made in this thread:

Ron loves to say "I didn't say that!" But yes he did. Most times he tries to do it indirectly, but his meaning always hits home. But sometimes, he just goes for it.

The following is a long segment going back and forth between sockpuppets. I don't know who Ralph is yet, but look at the RED FLAG in Michael's post - Michael Winlet, with the promo picture possibly from a gay men's website, is Ron. Then, he came back and posted as himself.

On his website, he printed the following information: shortly afterward, one of the people named was shocked when the person's place of employment received an e-mail warning they had a child predator as an employee. The employer fortunately believed the employee. Others received messages and mysterious phone calls. Full names are blocked for their protection:

When Ron refers to "old bags" he means the few fans who have stood up to him again and again, all women. The private group Ron refers to is a group that we started so we could go back to having discussion without fear of being interrupted by long diatribes.

The item above was quickly pulled from scifake, along with a longer post directly attacking people through links, including the person who was attacked through the person's place of employment.

Ron and Company  is out to destroy lives. There are so many more screen shots than these examples.

It's a psychological truth, that when someone is most obsessed with a certain type of behavior, that person either secretly performs that behavior or wants to. I've already shown you why I feel Ron was probably never abused, but with his ugly treatment of women, and his constant obsession against abusers - think about it. Has he abused someone? If you are someone who knows anything about Ron that points to physical or sexual abuse committed by him, contact me privately. I'm giving plenty of evidence that he has an abusive personality right here.

So How Do Ron & Kirby Play The Game?

The most important thing you need to know, before you even start reading:

Ron sets up paranormal celebrities with trolling to drive traffic to his website.

I found Ron admitting this in other posts on a couple of discussion boards away from his website. He attacks people so they will come to his website to see what awful things he is writing or allowing to be written about them. This is how he brings in numbers. He wants the attention, no matter what it costs other people. Kirby is somewhat the same way, except that Kirby is not smart enough to know Ron is using him because Kirby goes after people so relentlessly.

This is how they play their game.

This is Ron being caught plotting with Kirby - after this comment they started being careful to not call me by name for awhile, just call me "that ill woman" and other epithets. It was a new move in their game.

Make no mistake about it, it is a game, made more fun for them if anyone takes the issues seriously - so they can have someone to bash. Just like in grade school, the bullies go after the serious people in the crowd.

Whether or not you, reading here, have been involved in this particular kind of harassment from this group, or have experienced something similar, you might want to keep the "rules of the game" in mind in case you run into this method sometime. It's like Tic Tac Toe: The only way to win the game is to never enter into it.

What is the game?

In the case of the Psychic Kids discussion page on facebook, the game was to take it down completely, by making themselves as big a problem as possible. Since they have discovered that facebook does little about the problem of group harassment, they have taken this for all they're worth. And since A & E is doing nothing about monitoring the page unless poked and prodded a lot, they have taken the open door for all its worth. Unmonitored pages are made for flamer gamers.

If you have been in on all the several rounds of this particular game (I hadn't, others have told me) you would notice you wouldn't find Ron Tebo's name on the page until people start talking about him. That's what he's looking for, that's what makes the game worth his time - mention his name, he's happy. Now - he will rarely say something in public that you will find mean. It's like, if any of you have seen the original Butch video he had up on youtube (which came down as soon as I started this blog) he acted polite and deferential in front of Butch, but when he was videotaping himself all alone, vicious Ron came out in private. This is his standard mode of operation. He's good at being a fake around other people unless you get him at a weak moment.

In order to "safely" bring mean Ron out in public, he'll form another sockpuppet account, or change a name on a sockpuppet account he has on facebook. One thing I noticed in September was sock puppets would have the same profile avatar or list of friends or interests, job, location, over and over again, but a different name on the page. A mistake was made at one point, because real people's pictures started being borrowed, and I recognized one, and noticed another was from an ad for a gay men's website.

Now, Kirby does the same thing with sockpuppets but is not clever about it. Ron will try to have a little more variety in the characters but will eventually let them go and you recognize his writing style. Kirby can't vary his writing style - he can just let mean Kirby out to play. If you have never seen anything but holy Kirby, go read letters at, and you will see mean little Kirby boy come out - the phrasing will look familiar.

When sockpuppets aren't being used, willing accomplices from their small pool of friends will come out and help. I have no idea how many actual friends these two have, because it's all rather like watching one tennis match played with multiple balls on the court at the same time - you get whiplash trying to keep up. In accounts of their abuse recently, it seems there is a core group of five overgrown bullied. But the names change with each round. Some of the sockpuppet and drone names Psychic Kids fans on facebook will not forget any time soon are Said Erol (a drone, God of War on, Savanah Barton (gegoriasgirl on the Internet among other names), Tommy Moon (he was the one who first said he was reporting me as a child predator) Izrope Nowiceit, and a few very strange people who dared put their real names up there along with fake ones. There have been lesser names, I won't go through the list here - but they have used a LOT of names. Ron actually boasts about his influence over people at times and in this example, his supposed domination over women: he addresses Jenn, a fan, about a drone in this comment made in April 2011:

More likely Ron would say pump up the volume. Or add to it with more and more attacks.

For now: this is what I have to contend with on the Internet :

All for a little game of mean.  What facts are there have been twisted, but no, I'm not a witch. That name was given to me because of the name of a dream I once had. I have no aliases. And I'm not marching kids into any psychic camps, but I'll not explain anything else for now. In the screenprint above, though the byline says Paula from Florida on the full screenprint, this sockpuppet is Ron. How do I know right off the bat? "IMO." He uses it a lot. It also has his usual misspellings. You will see RED FLAG used by other sockpuppets later on. I've gotten to know the writing style really well, and you'll see that style again in later screenprints with his name on the posts. Like here:

Let's shorten up the description of the game now: Ron and Kirby trade off "good cop, bad cop" methods, and bring in a group of people and puppets to vary the action, from any type like just "concerned person" to maniac poster. Friends and I got in the habit of looking at the profile of the poster first to see if any telltale puppet signs were visible. Most of the time there were. Sometimes it was just an inncoent bystander who just happened to question the show. But, for a little while, even they would be pulled into the cycle of abuse.

In the meantime, what did we do? Left the Psychic Kids official page to them and created a new moderated fan page, since A & E was not going to be a responsible pagemaster. All of them except one very sick obsessed drone immediately got bored and moved on.

The move to a moderated board hasn't stopped the game. They love the game. They are the game.
The game continues by pushing until someone breaks and lashes back. Then the person who is reacting is accused of abuses Ron Kirby & Co have done themselves - and it just keeps snowballing. It is a game that has no foreseeable end - until Ron or Kirby get tired. Or - pushes the wrong person's buttons someday. Who knows when. But wait - that's probably why they spend more time abusing women than men, because they are afraid some day, some guy is going to come after them. You can only play a game so long before someone takes it very seriously. I would prefer the law to take them in. We need laws against this kind of harassment. We don't have them. That's a recipe for disaster.

Here's some references to some of the other cruel games they have played. If you have any others send me the link.

Will Scifake Ever Learn?

RIP Critics Credibility

Preschool in session

Looking For Fame When You're A Blind Man With A Forked Tongue.

Kirby is legally blind.

There will be some who ask why I dare bring his physical disability up. Well, for one thing, he and his bully pack have made a big deal of it since Chip Coffey recently imitated on video how Kirby watches television in order to "carefully" monitor paranormal shows - he has to sit right up on the screen. Also: Chip's been harassed by Kirby for a long time. We were all in the middle of a big push of the harassment the day the video was recorded. He was making light of an aggravating situation. Cut him some slack.

I will say Kirby thinks nothing of insulting me and my physical attributes in every way he can, but bullies always do that.

No, I'm bringing up the blindness for another reason:

There is another disability many visually impaired people have that you don't realize until you live or work with them, as I have, or actually spent time being blind - I was temporarily blind as a teen:

They can't see the social clues, so they don't pick them up.

Have you ever realized how much of our communication is visual? It's difficult for someone who is blind to learn how to fit into society. If there are other reasons for not being able to fit in, psychological reasons, emotional reasons, then the task becomes too difficult.

Where Ron makes enemies just to get attention, Kirby makes enemies because he just can't see he's being the enemy.  It's like one of his beloved demons chasing its own tail. He's determined to catch the enemy but he never will. In the meantime, everyone else who is paying attention can see him, like a cat waiting behind a grass blade, ready to pounce. Kirby, who wants to be so very big, is a very, very small thing.

I am not cold to the fact that Kirby Robinson is losing his eyesight. But even without the physical problem his vision was already impaired. A narcissist never looks past his own face.  And Kirby really can't.

In addition: Kirby has a savior complex. He isn't following Jesus Christ, he has to be the savior!  Kirby once wrote  that "some people think I am Superman." The "some people" is Kirby.

 He believes that repeatedly quoting scriptures and saying he is a true Christian will give him victory over his enemies- ie, make him more noticeable. Never mind that a few months ago he claimed on a radio show that he was Buddhist, but he really doesn't know the difference. From what he has written, he doesn't seem to see the differences. Is it because he knows is that both religions have qualities people admire, and he just wants to be admired?

There are many reasons I have to laugh when Kirby presents himself as a good holy Christian.

For one thing: Kirby can't keep himself from lying. It's a compulsion.

In the middle of the Psychic Kids flame wars, Kirby announced that he was personally flying to Atlanta to meet with the A.B.A. to discuss the qualifcations of Chip Coffey's attorney, who had sent an e-mail to Ron Tebo to warn him to stop libeling Chip as a fraud and child predator.

The American Bar Association? In Atlanta? Why would he have to fly from Los Angeles to see them at all? What would he accomplish on the trip? He could just call or e-mail and find out what he wanted to know. He never did say anything more about the trip.

And...Funny how he didn't take any time off from harassing people that week.

The next week he had his "team of attorneys" serve me with papers suing me over book reviews I had written on his e-books, hysterical that I had used the phrase (justly deserved) that some things in the book were "plain made up." He claimed his lawyers forced to take down the reviews. He also claimed Amazon affirmed that I was always doing "nasty things."

The truth is I deleted the reviews in the wee hours one morning just to see if he would claim he had something to do with it - and he did.

As for the claims of a weekend of conferences with his attorneys - Really? He spent that much money on a bad review, which was not his first? And...he didn't notice the reviews until Sunday. He could contact attorneys in L.A. with a claim on a weekend?  Even when asked repeatedly, Kirby would not supply the names of his team of attorneys. He couldn't. There were none.
Of course...I never was served with papers. Kirby doesn't know where I am. I never even received an e-mail from attorneys - that could have been done through my website. And, of course, I would confirm that the e-mail actually came from attorneys, then would send them my evidence about Kirby.

But none of that happened. He just left the idea hanging in the air that he did these things.  It's a method he uses over and over again - lie and then be silent when asked to prove the lie is true, like any child who can't learn to handle the truth.

In this recent attack on Chip Coffey Kirby claimed that he couldn't file a lawsuit yet because filing for a lawsuit would cost him $25,000. The fee for filing a civil complaint like this varies, but it averages between $300 and $500 across the country. Lawyers get expensive, but he should have already known that since he claimed to spend so much time with lawyers in September.

I pointed this out and he wrote the lawyer demanded this amount up front. I would think that would be to discourage him from suing, if that happened at all. Kirby is obviously not the kind of man who can put down that much of a retainer fee.

Yet he claims he flies off here and there all the time. While doing exorcism work for free for everyone. at what?

Who's footing his bills? Is he doing all of this on government disability?

There are no high paying jobs for demonologists, his career of choice. (I am rolling my eyes big time.)

Kirby claims to be a demonologist and exorcist with 25 years of experience.

Kirby claims he graduated in the class of 1981 from Indiana State University, majoring in history. He does not list a degree. He also claims to have graduated class of 2004 in psychology from Los Angeles City College. It sounds very impressive. If he graduated from IU with, I assume, a bachelor's degree, how did he go back to an Associate's degree level college, and get a degree in psychology? Psychology is taught at LACC, but in preparation for an Associate's degree in Human Services. In other words - it's a prepatory program for social workers, NOT for psychologists. There's no degree in psychology there. He replied to this by listing all the classes he took in psychology, but he still doesn't list a DEGREE.

Neither school has courses in demonology, and studies in history can lead to graduate work in theology, which might include demonology. However, unless he were an actual university trained clergyman - well, you get my drift.

As far as I am concerned, the only qualified exorcist is a true Catholic or Anglican priest who has been prepared through years of study, and knows how deep the Catholic belief in demons goes. And then, I respect it as a belief I do not share. I don't believe demons. And, I have noticed over the years, if you don't believe in demons, you never have paranormal problems with them.

Belief creates demons.

Kirby attracts them - the human kind. He uses them to make trouble for other people.

Who can't see that?

Only people as psychologically blind as he is.